Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thought I'd translate the poem I wrote

I don't really know if this works, but I was actually captivated by it. I've kept staring at my own poem during the day and been wondering what it's about, what it's trying to tell me. Can you tell me? (The most obscure thing in the poem is the line about the liver. I woke up at six and stayed in bed for over an hour. I kept saying to myself, almost like in a dream: mugwumps have no liver. You know where that comes from, don't you?)

when the world gets you down,
count to six, when you don't wake up,
count to seven

strange songs are ringing in your head,
some have no liver

when you are laying on straws, your eyes wide open,
think of the fatherland,
its face has been torn open

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