Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finns getting a right-wing parliament

It was an election day today. Finland voted for a new parliament and decided that what we need is a bunch of over thirty right-wing nuts to deal with such complicated things as the EU monetary crisis, the global immigration and such. Here's a BBC article. Finland follows the route of many European countries, for which I'm very, very sad. Seems like Barack Obama is the only good guy right now. (I'm sure many of my American readers disagree with me on this.)


m. linna said...

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Juri said...

Hi Miriam (I believe you're The Miriam Linna)! My e-mail is, feel free to contact me!

Anders E said...

Hi Finland, and welcome to the club. While your gang of bozos do not seem to be quite as sinister as their Danish and Swedish counterparts, it is still bad enough. Exploiting valid concerns by hinting at (though not actually offering) simple(-minded) solutions is evidently a recipe for political success everywhere.

Here's a comment from Swedish parliamentarian Jonas Sjöstedt. Google Translate works surpringly well in this case. However, due to a typo in the original, the second sentence in the last paragraph becomes somewhat humourous. It should really begin "His criticism of the EU...".