Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My new sleaze book out

My new sex/sleaze/adult paperback novel is out. It's called Mynämäen motellin munamällit (which you don't want to try to say out loud, unless you're a Finn). It takes place in a roadside motel and boasts of cast of wild and unpredictably horny and violent characters. I dare say it's a pretty wild ride. It's a sequel of sorts to my earlier sex novel, Lausteen himokämppä (The Lust Cabin of Lauste), as it shares one character (the beastly police officer called Virtanen).

Here's an intentionally silly picture of me and the book. Note also the young and fresh mustache I decided to grow.


Todd Mason said...

OK, but what's the translation of the new one's title? And does this cut off your future grantsmanship?

Juri said...

The translation..? It's something like THE MYNÄMÄKI MOTEL SPUNK GANG. ("Mynämäki" is a small place near Turku.)

Juri said...

As for my future grants: I won't tell them anything.