Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My newest book

Here's the cover for my newest book. It's a collection of short stories with private eye Joe Novak, earlier published in my self-published magazines (Isku and Ässä) or in some one-off booklets. There are also two previously unpublished stories, my foreword and Tapani Bagge's short preface. The great pulpy cover is by Timo Ronkainen.

Here's the entry for Joe Novak that I haven't updated for Kevin Burton Smith in years, it seems!

The title of the book translates as "The Case of the Frozen Detective". All the stories are titled in this manner, there's "The Case of the Former Partner", there's "The Case of the Old Case", there's "The Case of the Stuttering Neighbour" (whom Joe Novak almost shoots). My favourite is "The Case of the Windowless Monad", but we just couldn't use it in a title. The caption on top translates as "Murders, gals and transvestite cops!" (There's only one, though.)


Todd Mason said...

I thing monadism will put off spoofy CF readers in Finland?


Juri said...

Thing, as in think? But yeah, I don't believe many CF readers know what I'm talking about here, but it's actually explained in some degree in the story. My hero Joe Novak has studied philosophy under a GI bill just after the WWII, so he knows a thing or two about Leibniz.