Thursday, March 27, 2008

Roth covers

I'm putting up this up since someone asked to see what the original cover for Philip Roth's The Breast looks like.

Edit: just thought that I should post the Finnish cover also. It's more erotic, even though not actually very erotic. It's by one Raimo Raatikainen. (Thanks to Ville for the scan!)


Peter said...

That looks more like a torpedo than a tit to me.
Detectives Beyond Borders
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Juri said...

Yes, I've been also wondering what it really is.

Todd Mason said...

Something for Jaako to explore at the Groovy Age of Horror? Certainly, the novel is.

Juri said...

Yeah, I can imagine a fumetti version of Roth's novella. It would have to spiced up a little, though.