Saturday, April 02, 2005


I went to Helsinki yesterday and took part in giving a critics' reward to a young composer called Taito Hoffrén. We had a wonderful dinner at Kosmos after the ceremony and when I left I was pretty much drunk. It didn't amount to much, because I started to feel dizzy and pretty tired in the train and even I made a date with Niko-Matti to go to sauna with him and drink few more ciders or beers, I couldn't make it after I'd been home for two hours. I was just too tired. Old age doesn't come alone...

I even made it to TV. They showed a two-minute bit on Taito Hoffrén on Yle 1's Culture News and there I was, giving the reward to Taito. He sang his thanks in the ancient Kalevala style! It was great.

However, I made it briefly to Akademic Bookshop and bought "Interface" by Joe Gores and "Deadfolk" by Charlie Williams. Both have been praised highly and "Interface" has been called a true classic. But no Hard Case Crime or Point Blank Press books. Sometimes Finland is still a hick town.

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