Friday, November 09, 2007

About the high school shooting

Here's a pretty good news link about the Jokela high school shooting. The country is in a shock, as you might surmise, since nothing of this sort has ever happened here. Well, okay, it has, but not on this scale. (And there was the Civil War, which was one of the bloodiest in the Western Europe.)

I was going to mention it earlier today, but forgot: it was pretty eerie to read Justine by Marquis de Sade at the same time when this guy was shooting people. He'd been boasting about his right to eliminate people since he was superior to them - exactly the same thing as de Sade's horrible heroes.

Thanks to Peter Rozovsky for the link.


Anonymous said...

The sicko coward shooter reminds me about you too Juri. If somebody reads your critics they find out that you too think you are superior to other people and have a divine right to try to kill their work by lying and using wrong information. That is pretty thick from the guy who has only written catalogs about real writers.

Kevin Wignall said...

That's pretty classy, using a post about a real tragedy to vent your spleen against Juri. He didn't like your book - get over it.

Oh, and as a "real writer", the only qualification I demand of critics is that they can read and think for themselves.

JD Rhoades said...

Yes, eerie, shooting and killing innocent people is EXACTLY the same as giving you a bad review.

Jesus fucking Christ, get over yourself.

Juri: thanks for the link, and I hope you and your countrymen can find healing.

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