Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not so groovy prediction from Curt Purcell

Curt Purcell, who does a good job with his Groovy Age of Horror blog writing about ephemeral paperbacks and letting guys like Jaakko (who's Finnish, by the way) post absolutely wacky scans of the Italian fumetti comics, got serious about the American presidential elections. (Sorry about getting to this so late, have been behind in my blogging. Don't think I'll catch up.) Curt's future doesn't look all too promising - his worst case scenario includes George W. Bush taking over by force.

His post reminds me of the rumour that was circulating in the mid-eighties: the constitutional law will be changed so that Ronald Reagan gets elected to this third season. This may have been Leftist propaganda I was fed with during the eighties. (I also seem to remember someone saying they'd nominate Reagan for a king, but.. c'mon, who'd believe that?)

But here's Curt also posting the entire contents of a men's mag from 1964, called Battle Cry. Curt's using a new device called Issuu. It seems nice and works pretty swiftly and is definitely better than posting PDF's on a site, but seems also that it slows down the blog. I might use the same device myself to scan some mags I have or some such - but it would take some time, which I don't seem to have. (Though, complaining about the time I don't have takes up a considerable amount of time, so I should stop and just make whatever is that what I would do if I had the time.)

Note that one of the stories in the mag is written by a guy called Irwin Porges. He was the brother of science fiction and crime writer Arthur Porges and a writer of an Edgar Rice Burroughs biography.

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