Thursday, April 10, 2008

Larry Block killing Castro

Hard Case Crime's latest newsletter tells us that in January 2009 they will be publishing a book by Lawrence Block that has never been reprinted and - if I understood correctly - never been acknowledged as a work of Block. Check it out here. The cover is, as usual, great and the theme interesting, to say the least.

And what was the original book? It was called Fidel Castro Assassinated, published under the pseudonym Lee Duncan, by Monarch in 1961. Sorry, can't find no cover scan. Maybe Bill Crider has this on his shelves?

I just hope Fidel gets to live to see the day the reprint comes out. Maybe Hard Case Crime could send him a copy - if the embargo has ended by then.


Unknown said...

I wish I had it, but I've never even seen this one.

Glenn Pladsen AE0Q said...

The original version is selling on AbeBooks for $600, but still no cover image :-(