Monday, May 12, 2008

It's my birthday

I turned 36 last Saturday. I had a birthday party last Friday in a local club with my friend Rooper whose actual birthday was on Friday. Six of our friends played records and we also were DJ's for a while. I played some classics like Samantha Fox's Touch Me and Sabrina's Boys... the crowd was wild.

We also had a bit of a show. I played - with Kauto's acoustic toy guitar (or actually ukulele, since it has only four strings) - some of the old songs I recorded back in the late eighties, under the name Yuri. They were some sort of acoustic punk or hardcore punk, with songs lasting from two seconds to thirty. Some of the titles I played: Kill Kill Kill, I Am a Dead Milkman and Exaggerate. The whole gig lasted for about five minutes - at least that's what I hope.

My kid brother Matias (of The Demars fame) was also there and we reconstructed some of the songs we recorded at the approximately same time under the group name The National Panasonic Boys. We had a bunch of other toy instruments beside the ukulele and we switched them between songs. Some titles: The Echoing Sound of Space, I Eat Bread, The Vengeance of Robots and We Screw You (Bylsimme sinut in Finnish; we didn't know 20 years ago what the word "bylsiä" really means).

I hope to be able to post some of the songs on my MySpace account or on YouTube. Mind you, I really can't play or sing, but it was fun. This may be the beginning of my second career. (I've never performed live and only four of my songs have ever been released, and then it was only limited edition of compilation C-cassette called Kuolleena haudattuja/Buried Dead.)


Unknown said...

Happy birthday, youngster. I await the videos.

Juri said...

You just think you wait...

Thanks, Bill!

(The headline for the post should've of course been "It's my party...", but was too tired to pay any attention last night.)

Todd Mason said...

Indeed, happy belated birthday, fellow fringe-punk!

Juri said...

Fringe indeed. Never played part in any band, but used to hang out with lots of guys from various bands, including the postrock masters of Circle. I had some projects with some musician friends of mine, but I don't really know whether there's any sense in talking about them.

I've been talking with a friend of mine, though, that he could make mp3's out of my C-cassette recordings, so I could put them up on my MySpace account.