Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blogging brilliance? What the..?

As you've probably noticed, I haven't blogged about anything high profile lately, nor have I written about my projects or any reviews of interesting books, old, forgotten or contemporary or coming. I should, though, and I will.

Despite all this, my friend Urpo gave me a blogging brilliance reward. I went, "What the blazes is she thinking? And why is the thing so ugly? And just what the dickens does the text mean? Is it any known language? Brillante weblog, Premio-2005?"

But thanks anyway. Should I put it up somewhere in sight? And how does one accomplish that?

PS. I edited the text, realizing this is a family blog. I might also add that if the reward should go to someone, it would have to be pHinn here.


Urpo said...

bloggerissa on semmoinen muokkaa marginaalia -toiminto, josta voi valita kuvan lisäämisen ja sitten kopioida sen lätkän mun blogista :) voin myös askarrella ruusukkeen, jos haluat. hyvä pointti muuten, mitähän kieltä se onkaan.

Juri said...

Aaargh... eikö ihmisellä ole muuta tekemistä kuin muokata marginaalia?

Katoin muuten sitä lätkää uudestaan, siinähän lukee että "Premio-2008". Ihmettelinkin, että mikä ihmeen 2005? Noinko kauan se on kiertänyt?

pHinn said...

Thankyouthankyou, though lately I've had the nagging feeling if my blog these days is just a cut-and-paste collection put together from various sources and quite thin on any personal content. Well, I decided a year or two ago that I won't be whining about my petty frustrations and angsts in public any more, so that may explain something there ;)

Juri said...

No worries, pHinn, I think personal content is quickly vanishing from blogs. Yours is an amazing tribute to all things ephemeral (and some not so ephemeral).