Thursday, December 11, 2008

Audio pulp

I've noted two comments on listenable pulp fiction on some e-mail lists I'm on, so I thought about posting about those here. Sorry for the ugly formatting!

While rummaging around on Ebay I just discovered an interesting audio item due to be released Jan 1, 2009 that should be of interest to all pulp/private eye/hardboiled mystery fans of pulps, otr, etc. A private vendor (Kenneth Estate Sales, item 370121274210) was advertising 4 copies of BLACK MASK AUDIO MAGAZINE, VOLUME ONE for $17.99 plus p/h. It contains new full-cast studio performances by members of Hollywood Theater of the Air, released by Blackstone Audio in here-offered 2 formats(cd, and mp3 cd). The nine stories the episodes are based on were authored by D Hammett(1), Paul Cain(3), Fred Nebel(1), Hugh Cave(2), etc. The lineup appears irrestible. Play time is noted as 4.3 hours. Lovely pulp cover for product.

I then scooted over to and they have it listed in 3 formats, either $20 or $40.

Over at Blackstone Audio website they list, Volume 2 upcoming as a Hammett "Maltese Falcon" project, apparently only this on the cd.


This week, BBC 7 radio is running a great series of short story dramatic readings of "pulp" crime stories.

Essentially, this really aren't stories from Pulp Magazines, rather hard-boiled stories from the digests.

For instance, the first one was a Jack Ritchie story from MANHUNT. The second was a Gil Brewer story.

The broadcasts are saved and put up as files that last for a week.

Started yesterday and will continue on to the end of the week.

Here's the link:

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Alexi Frest said...

Thank you for posting these - a lovely surprise for pulp fiction fans like myself.

Mina Jade from Hungary