Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Zombie Reprise, pt. 2

In one week I've managed to gather a collection of eight or nine zombie stories, four or five in reprints and the rest original. I have one coming and one I haven't as yet read. I haven't proposed this idea to the publisher (I'm thinking it should be Turbator), but I'm ready to do it cheap and also do the layouts for the book. I even got a cover art. Check it out - it's by Mika Myyry, who's done great illos for my fanzines. (The headline must be changed, though.)

All this in one week! Thanks to e-mail, Facebook and discussion groups! How were these books done before digital communication?

There's just one minor problem. You know, I have this story called "Jumalten tuho" (= "Gotterdämmerung" or "Twilight of the Gods", if you will). It was published in the Finnish fanzine Tähtivaeltaja in 1988 (and it was for long my only published piece of fiction) and it has lots of zombies. And it takes place in Wild West. It has a giant mole called El Topo. It has UFO's and aliens. It has two FBI agents called Frank Gruber and Jonathan Latimer. It has a weird divinity called El Cucaracha. So, what's not to like? It's just so shittily written I'm not sure if I can use it. I just dug it up from an old 3.5 diskette and took a look at it. Oh my God... Do you think it would serve as a joke if I was open about in the foreword? So that everyone knew I'm perfectly aware it's a piece of shit? There's this, you know: it's one of the first pieces of Finnish literature that has zombies in it. So it's practically an important document.

(Yeah, right...)

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