Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back from vacation: short notice

Just wanted to tell you that we are alive. Got back from out trip on Sunday and have been adjusting to normalcy for two days now. Will be blogging about some books I read during the trip. These include Robert Bloch's private eye novel that was reprinted by Hard Case Crime (oops, I forget the title.. it's not Hollywood Homicide, even though it could be) and Jason Starr's Panic Attack. (I also read one of Stuart Kaminsky's Toby Peters novels, but I'm not sure if that was interesting enough to blog about.) I also read Floyd Smith's sleaze paperback Action Girls (translated in Finnish as Tytöt aavikolla, 1974). If anyone has access to WorldCat, I'd be very interested to hear if they have the publishing info for this - I can't find anything on it. I'd say it was originally published in the mid-sixties, based on internal evidence.

I also read some Finnish novels, and I'm not entirely sure as yet whether I'll be posting about them here. And if I will, in what language?

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