Friday, September 18, 2009

My first collection of poems: Bodice Ripper Apart

This book has been long time in coming. I started saving spam e-mail some four or five years ago, in order to gather enough of them to make a book, with the aim to archive some of the spambot literature, which can be seen as a form of Dadaist or concrete poetry.

And here it finally is: Bodice Ripper Apart: A Book of Spam Poems is out from ntamo, who's specialized in modernist, postmodernist, weirdish, concrete and language and non-language poetry. ntamo works via, so the book is available throughout the whole globe. Follow the links. The book is accompanied by an afterword from Jussi Parikka, a friend of mine, who works as a lecturer in Anglia Ruskin University and who has shared my enthusiasm for spam for some time now.

The book is totally in English, save for some parts that are more like in Spammish, whatever language that is.


Todd Mason said...


Now, she said, can I interest you in a proposition that will be mutually beneficial to all? Routing number...your have won!

wv: noirdose --something you're looking forward to, I'm sure, a big noir-dose next year...

Juri said...

Thanks, Todd! You know, there's a larger subsection of prose poems made from the Yahoo groups websites. I sent you an earlier version, a small booklet, didn't I? You'll have to order this, Todd. ;)

And the WV book is coming soon, I'll keep you posted.