Thursday, March 04, 2010

Christa Faust's Money Shot out in Finnish

Christa Faust's Money Shot is out in Finnish, as Koston enkeli. Here's the cover by Jukka Murtosaari; more details in the next posting - which is in Finnish.
The Finnish title means "the avenging angel". Koston enkeli was also the Finnish title of Abel Ferrara's Ms. 45. I hope someone likes the connection.
PS. It was also the designated Finnish title of Meir Zarchi's Day of the Woman AKA I Spit On Your Grave, but that one was banned in Finland. Craig R. Baxley also has a movie called The Avenging Angel, and oh, the third Die Hard film was called Koston enkeli in Finnish.


Todd Mason said...

Good. Crisp, efficient novel. Do I gather you were the translator?

Juri said...

Sorry, should've said that. This one was translated by Mika Tiirinen, who also translated Allan Guthrie's, Kevin Wignall's and James Sallis's novels last year. (He's a working mule.)