Friday, September 17, 2010

The Finnish Hobbit

Wanna see something different? GeekTyrant has found out someone has posted the entire Finnish miniseries based on The Lord of the Rings called Hobitit (The Hobbits) on YouTube. This was actually a stageplay before being turned into a TV series, and I seem to remember (this was almost 20 years ago) that many of my friends saw the stageplay and liked it. This seems a bit too cheap, however, and some of the actors are laughably miscast, like Taneli Mäkelä, the strong silent type of contemporary Finnish cinema, as Frodo. Kari Väänänen as Gollum mangles his face in an abrasive manner. And what's with the slap bass jazz in the background when he's seen changing into the green-faced monstrosity?

Some of the posts on YouTube have English subtitles, but not all of them. See the GeekTyrant link; here's one of them with subtitles.

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