Friday, March 18, 2011

Three books in two weeks!

I'm not sure anymore whether I got any new books out last Fall. At least three books were delayed - which of course lead to the situation where they suddenly come out with a burst. Last week the collection of articles dealing with the copyright debate that I edited came out, and this week the reference work to the contemporary historical novelists came out. And as if this wasn't enough, I got a call from the publisher that the vampire anthology is just out of the printers! Yikes! Three books in two weeks! (Must be said, though, that none of these is written by me, they are just anthologies and compilations. I did ten or so entries for the reference book, but I'm "only" credited as one of the three authors, the other two being Sari Polvinen and Jukka Halme.)

There's still one book coming out this Spring that was supposed to be published last Fall - it's the collection of the Finnish outdoor and hunting stories I edited. It'll probably come out next month.

I'll post later more details about these books.

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