Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jeff VanderMeer on Finnish SF/fantasy

American writer Jeff VanderMeer was on a tour in Finland with his wife some weeks ago (I don't know why the word about this never reached me, they even dropped by in Turku where I live to meet people in the SF fandom, but I think that's totally my own fault) and interviewed lots of people. Here's his final essay on the state of SF and fantasy in Finland: "Right now, many of these writers remain just tantalizing possibilities for English-language readers, but it may not remain that way for long. We can’t be certain which of these Finnish writers you’ll be reading in the future, but we are certain you’ll come to know many of their names much better very soon." Lots of great people I know and have worked with and I can't but say VanderMeer is right.

Edit: here's also an interview with the Tähtivaeltaja editor Toni Jerrman. 


Todd Mason said...

Yes, Jeff has been talking all this up in FictionMags.

Juri said...

That's very good to hear! Here's hoping some of the editors at the list will take up some Finnish writers.