Monday, August 01, 2011

Lionel White's only Nick Carter

Lionel White, the writer of Clean Break and other classic caper thrillers, wrote only one novel under a pseudonym, and it's a Nick Carter. Here it is, in a great blog by a guy called Scott, in Denver, Colorado. Wonder why White wrote a Nick Carter novel? I guess he needed the money.


Jerry House said...

I wonder how much Valerie Moolman had to do with this. She has also been credited as the co-author of Mike Avallone's Nick Carter books, but I believe that has been bedunked.

Juri said...

Wasn't she an editor at the original American publisher (Signet?)? So she probably rewrote the stuff that Avallone brought in. Maybe Lionel White didn't much care for this assignment and Moolman was called for help.

Scott said...

According to The Armchair Detective, White strayed too far from the established pattern for the series. Moolman was asked to write a thirteen page guide for the series. White resented the intrusion and dropped the book The Mind Poisoners, in which she finished.