Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday's Overlooked Film: Romeo Is Bleeding

Let's make it a short one: a kinky, but too quirkily told and narrated neo-noir in which Lena Olin has never been sexier than when demanding Gary Oldman prepares her a death certificate. More details here.

As I've been having problems with my back, I also watched one other film and tried to watch yet another: Gorky Park (suffered greatly from, well, lots of things, mainly from the stiff direction from Michael Apted and the stiff script by Dennis Potter) and Deadfall by Christopher Coppola. The latter one suffered greatly from being amateurish-looking hogwash. Lasted about 15 minutes.

More films here.


Todd Mason said...

Terribly sorry to read of the back hassles, Juri...too much computer time? Rest up...ibuprofen has been my salvation during the usual run of back pain for me.

Juri said...

Yeah, too much computer time and not enough exercise... I'm resting up and it's not so bad as it was yesterday. But hey, I get to watch a lot of movies this way!