Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Overlooked Movie: Himmelskibet, part II

I wrote about this silent Danish science fiction movie some weeks ago here. I had a chance to see the whole film at the Tampere International Film Festival a week ago. The film proved to be a disappointment, though the lavish sets made an impression. The space ship looks good and the special effects are nice for 1918. The storyline, though, is pure hogwash: after landing on Mars and meeting the Martians who are vegans and seem to practice a religion that has a feel of Theosophical nature, with its overtones of mutual love and deeper understanding of what people are, the movie starts to drag pretty badly. The ending, with its dramatic return back to Earth, is an improvement, but is sadly not enough. Not all the silent movies are gems. The restored copy looked very good, though.

However, here are more Overlooked Films for your Tuesday pleasure - or rather Wednesday, since it's almost ten o'clock here in Finland as I write.

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