Monday, April 16, 2012

Tuesday's Overlooked Film: Blazing Magnum

This is an outrageous Italian crime flick with an insane plot about a police lieutenant's sister who gets killed in a party and some pretty interesting secrets start to unravel. Directed by veteran Alberto De Martino, this boasts some hilariously ridiculous scenes, such as Stuart Whitman beating up three transvetites. The long car chase in the middle of the film is one of the best and one of the stupidest I've seen - yes, at the same time.

If you enjoy stupid films that aren't bad, this is especially for you.

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Todd Mason said...

Hmm, wonder which Eastwood franchise inspired this one. And I rise even later than many Yanks...

Juri said...

DIRTY HARRY, I should say. They even ripped a scene out of it (the beginning in which Stuart Whitman shoots four bank robbers in cold blood). There are also some hints at KISS ME DEADLY.

Anders E said...

Never saw this, but I recall stuff like this being shown on cable back when it was in its infancy and they showed basically anything as long as it was ultra cheap.

It also reminded me of two bizarre and very violent UK comics from the mid 70s that also belong in the stupid-but-not-bad category; ONE-EYED JACK and DREDGER. Both were published briefly in Sweden back then and even today have some cult following.



Todd Mason said...

My (very) little joke...MAGNUM FORCE being, of course, the first sequel to DIRTY HARRY.