Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Raid: Redemption

I saw this new Indonesian action movie earlier today and I can echo Vince Keenan's sentiments when he wrote this piece on his blog. I thought some of the kung fu scenes were a bit too long (for some reason I like it better when a guy tackles 20 other guys, but less when there are only two or three, as in the longest battle scene of the film), but nevertheless this was great entertainment. I liked especially how the important plot points were hidden in quick, snappy dialogue. They didn't develop the things for too long, which is alway good. (Someone actually complained me just yesterday that my novel Jumalten tuho is too quick in introducing the characters. What, you wanted to hear two pages of telling what he eats and did twenty years ago?)


Andrew said...

were the subtitles in Finnish or English? Cheers

Juri said...

As this made its way to the Finnish cinema, the subtitles were in Finnish. The actors spoke Indonesian or whatever language they do speak in there.

Andrew said...

thought that would be the case but seeing it was on limited release I lived in hope it was in English.

Thanks anyway :)