Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Overlooked Movie: The Saint of Fort Washington

The story of two homeless guys, played by Danny Glover and Matt Dillon, is shot quite well on location and there's realism not very usually seen in American cinema. Matt Dillon is a schizophrenic guy who likes to "take" photos with his camera that has no film in it. He also hears voices. Glover is a middle-aged guy whose business went bust and his family deserted him. They meet and start wiping the cars' windows together, dreaming about their future businesses together.

The film is at times touching and it's generally well acted, but it's also a bit bland. It's perhaps a bit too nice about it - these guys don't really look homeless. The reality of night shelters (Fort Washington is a huge shelter) is very well portrayed, but it's unclear why the cops let the character of Ving Rhames terrorize the other homeless guys. Is he himself homeless? If not, what is he doing in there with the others?

The film was directed by Tim Hunter who's done River's Edge (which I haven't seen) and some episodes of Twin Peaks (which I did see). Seems like he's more into television these days. Probably pays better. I read it said The Saint of Fort Washington was barely released.

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