Sunday, September 23, 2012

More old animations

I watched the whole VHS cassette I mentioned earlier having the fifties' Disney animated short Susie, the Blue Little Coupe. Found out there were many interesting cartoons I had no prior knowledge of and some that were not very easily available in other formats when the cassette was published (which, by the way, took place in 1999, though I'd thought it would've been an older publication - perhaps it was a republication of an older one).

Billy Mouse's Akwakade, seemingly redistributed in the late sixties on television under another title (which I already forgot), a parody of an Esther Williams swimming film:

Parrotville Post Office, a 1935 cartoon by Burt Gillett made for Van Beuren Studios:

Dave Fleischer's Little Lambkin from 1940:

A Waif's Welcome, another Van Beuren animation directed by Burt Gillett:

Strolling Through the Park from 1949 made for Famous Studios. Sorry, no YouTube link for this. Quite stylishy animated, and there's also a sort of karaoke part for everyone to join the singing.

And finally Spirit of '43, a war-time Disney propaganda film, which I thought were not very well available in the nineties. Now they are of course available on DVD.


Todd Mason said...

Cool. I won't be surprised if the Disney is pulled virus catcher stopped an attempt when I tried to open a supposed copy of the Paramount item missing from your array here...

Juri said...

This wasn't the only SPIRIT OF 43 available in YouTube, though.