Monday, January 14, 2013

Weasels Ripped My Flesh out soon!

The long-awaited collection of vintage stories from the Golden Age of men's adventure magazines called Weasels Ripped My Flesh is out soon! I received the table of contents in PDF form last week and I can tell the book looks dandy! The editor of the book, Bob Deis (who maintains the great Men's Pulp Mags blog), has done good work with his colleagues, Josh Friedman and Wyatt Doyle (who's also the mastermind behind the New Texture publishing house that's putting this out).

Here are the table of contents, posted with Bob's and Wyatt's permission. It's too bad they didn't get a permission to reprint any of Mario Puzo's men's magazine stories, but there's an interview with him about him hacking away for the mags. I believe the last piece in the ToC is an essay on men's mag (and the writer, Bruce Friedman, is I believe the father of Josh Alan Friedman). 

I think this looks cool.

Mike Kamens: Weasels Ripped My Flesh [MAN’S LIFE, September 1956]
Gilbert Nash: "Beat" Girls: Worshippers of Zen and Sin? [UNTAMED, February 1959]
Walter Kaylin: Bar Room Girl Who Touched Off a Tribal War [MALE, June 1966]
Lawrence Block (as Sheldon Lord): She Doesn’t Want You [REAL MEN, June 1958]
Harlan Ellison: Death Climb [TRUE MEN STORIES, February 1957]
Robert F. Dorr: Bayonet Killer of Heartbreak Ridge [MAN’S MAGAZINE, October 1964]
Bruce Jay Friedman: Eat Her... Bones and All [MALE, December 1954]
Robert Silverberg (as Norman Reynolds): Trapped by Mau Mau Terror [EXOTIC ADVENTURES, 1959]
Josh Alan Friedman: Walter Wager Interview
Walter Wager: Please God, Help Me Break Out [MALE, November 1958]
Vic Pate: Chewed to Bits by Giant Turtles [MAN’S LIFE, May 1957]
Jim McDonald: Grisly Rites of Hitler’s Monster Flesh Stripper [MAN’S STORY, March 1965]
George Majari: Calypso: Is It Pornography in Hi-Fi? [GUSTO, October 1957]
Robert Silverberg (as David Challon): 50 Days as an Amazon Love Slave [SIR!, November 1959]
Josh Alan Friedman: Mario Puzo Interview
Walter Kaylin: The Stewardess ‘Call Girl Slave’ Ring [FOR MEN ONLY, December 1971]
Jane Dolinger: Girl Crusoe [ESCAPE TO ADVENTURE, March 1959]
Ken Krippene: I Married a Jungle Savage [SIR!, November 1959]
Dr. Robert H.: I Went Insane for Science [MAN’S MAGAZINE, August 1956]
Robert F. Dorr: "Ghost Bear" That Terrorized a Town [MALE, February 1975]
Lawrence Block (as Sheldon Lord): Just Window Shopping [MAN’S MAGAZINE, December 1962]
E. C. Schurmacher: I Was a Slave of the Savage Blonde [HUNTING ADVENTURES, 1956]
Joanne Beardon: I Went to a Lesbian Party [ALL MAN, May 1964]
Carl Evans: Monkey Madness [MALE, August 1953]
Bruce Jay Friedman: Even the Rhinos Were Nymphos


New Texture said...

Thanks for spreading the news about WEASELS, Juri! I can confirm that yes, Josh Alan Friedman is the son of Bruce Jay Friedman. Josh's childhood visits to the Magazine Management offices in the early 1960s make him the envy of many men's adventure magazine fans!

Juri said...

Oh, that's nice to hear! Didn't Josh also write a book on working for men's magazines - or were they porn at that time? (And sorry for confirming your comment so late.)

Todd Mason said...

Bruce J. Friedman is a pretty major figure in American letters, in several ways...I must admit, I've let his son's work pass me by...

New Texture said...

Josh has enjoyed a very interesting and varied career. His first published work was in the NY sex newspaper SCREW; he was their Times Square correspondent in the last years before the whole place got "sanitized" - this is the Times Square immortalized in movies like TAXI DRIVER, HARDCORE, and NIGHT OF THE JUGGLER. Josh chronicled the scene in his book, TALES OF TIMES SQUARE, and in a follow-up, WHEN SEX WAS DIRTY. He's also the acknowledged ghostwriter of SCREW publisher Al Goldstein's autobiography, titled I, GOLDSTEIN.

Meanwhile, Josh has a storied career in underground/alternative comix, collaborating with his brother Drew Friedman. Their work is collected in two remarkable books: ANY SIMILARITY TO PERSONS LIVING OR DEAD IS PURELY COINCIDENTAL and WARTS AND ALL.

And then there's his career as a musician. Recording as simply "Josh Alan," he's released four albums of music, including the Ed Wood musical THE WORST! His book on the music business, TELL THE TRUTH UNTIL THEY BLEED, is excellent.

I'm fortunate to publish his autobiographical novel, BLACK CRACKER, which is a hilarious and heartbreaking account of his childhood as the only white child in the last racially segregated school in New York.

You can catch up with all aspects of his career on his website,, which I moderate.