Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bought some books

It's a rare occasion when I can take some four or five hours to take a good look at the used bookstores around here in Turku, but whenever I can, it can be this good.

(The book on bottom is a Finnish anthology of sword and sorcery stories by writers like Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp. It's called The Witches' Empire.)


Unknown said...

Excellent score!

Todd Mason said...

Who edited such anthologies for Finnish readers?

Juri said...

This one is by a guy called Juhani Hinkkanen, who's been one of the foremost members of the Finnish fandom (I think we could call his generation "the first fandom" in here, but I'm not really so sure). Hinkkanen edited the Aikakone/Time Machine fanzine that was published by the Tampere Science Fiction Association (Tampere being one of the biggest cities in Finland).

But the most important anthology editor in Finland has been Markku Sadelehto who's done lots of different anthologies for different publishers, putting together stuff by the Lovecraft circle, the classic ghost writers etc. etc.

And then there's me, but I've done only Finnish anthologies.

jukkahoo said...

If I may:

Aikakone was published originally by URSA, the Astronomical Association in Helsinki. When they decided to withdraw from publishing SF (they also pubbed several seminal SF-novels like Sima's The City, Heinlein's Double Star, Sturgeon's More Than Human, Card's Ender etc) a group of people, mainly from Tampere bought the name and subscribers from URSA. The Tampere SF Association tried to outbid them, but were unsuccesful, which led to one of the biggest fandom feuds in Finland.

Juri said...

Thanks for the correction, Jukkahoo! This goes to show that I was never a real member of fandom.