Saturday, April 06, 2013

Sarah Weinman's anthology of vintage female noir

I noticed in Facebook that Sarah Weinman has an anthology of vintage female noir coming out. I snatched the photo from Megan Abbott's feed, and here's a teaser on the book. I couldn't find any more info on the book at the moment, though.


Walker Martin said...

I see has it up for pre order with a publication of August 27. I just put it in my basket.

Sarah Weinman said...

Hi Juri,

Thanks for the interest! There will be much more information about the anthology soon -- I've got a website to launch from scratch and another to overhaul -- but I use the term "domestic suspense" because it describes these stories better, since they revolve around the terror and anxiety of marriage, motherhood, spinsterhood, being elderly and left to rot, etc. Sometimes the women are the aggressors, other times the victim. Many times both. And it really is a whole lost generation of female crime writers who, were once critically and commercially successful, but not well-defined as a group.

Juri said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment! I'm very keen to hear who you have in the book, am looking to forward to reading the book.