Saturday, May 11, 2013

Don Easton's Jack Taggart books

Based on recommendations on Bookgasm (and some personally from one of Bookgasm's contributors, Bruce Grossman) I ordered a couple books by Don Easton. He's a Canadian writer, a former Mountie working undercover in drug-related cases. The books sounded interesting in all their violence.

But I was sorely disappointed. I've managed to get on page 67 on Loose Ends and I find the language and the narration stilted. The dialogue, not to mention the inner monologue, is stilted. The characters, including Taggart himself, are not far from being clichéd.

Sorry, I'll have to drop these and move on to something else. Anyone want two Don Easton books? The other one is Loose Ends, the other one is - well, something else. (It's in a stack on the floor, I can't see it at the moment.)

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col2910 said...

It can't be that bad surely?