Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wanted: railroad detectives!

Jim Doherty over at the Rara-Avis e-mail list was asking about railroad detectives in fiction. He's been able to come up with these titles, but needs more. Any suggestions?

"The Second Challenge" by MacKinlay Kantor (REAL DETECTIVE TALES AND MYSTERIES, Feb 1929)
"You Pays Your Nickel" by Cornell Woolrich (ARGOSY, 22 Aug 1936), also known as "The Phantom of the Subway"
"Ride 'Em, Mokawk" by William Rohde (SHORT STORIES, Oct 1950)
"The Girl in Car 32" by Thomas Walsh (EVENING POST, 7 Nov 1953)
"Yard Bull" by (MANHUNT, Aug 1954)
"The Ghost Station" by Carolyn Wheat (A WOMAN'S EYE, edited by Sara Paretsky)
"The Right Track" by R.T. Lawton (WOMEN'S WORLD, 26 Oct 2009)


Rittster said...

Some Gold Medal novels by William Rohde. A series by Dolores and Bert Hitchens.

jurinummelin said...

Isn't Mohawk Daniels William Rohde's hero in his Gold Medals? So he's also the one in the short story mentioned in the list.

Did the Daniels couple write any short stories on their hero?

jurinummelin said...

There seems also to be this:

BVLawson said...

You can add Sheldon Russell's books, which feature railroad detective Hook Runyon, set around the end of WWII.

Jerry House said...

Thorpe Hazell, railroad detective, whose adventures are collected in Victor L. Whitechurch's THRILLING STORIES OF THE RAILWAY (1912). Hazell, an eccentric vegetarian, was conceived as an anti-Sherlock Holmes. A number of Hazell stories first appeared in THE STRAND magazine.

jurinummelin said...

Thanks for the recommendations, I'll pass them on!