Thursday, June 12, 2014

Me and my new book

Pulpografia Britannica just came from the printers! Here's me with a happy smile and my first book, Pulpografia that came out in 2000 and deals primarily with American crime pulpsters and paperbackers. You can see it's a worn copy. Hopefully this new book comes just as handy.


Walker Martin said...

Great photo! I just wish the books were in English also.

Robert Deis (aka "SubtropicBob") said...

Cool! Congrats, Juri!

jurinummelin said...

Thanks, guys! I'm always ready to negotiate an English edition! :)

Unknown said...


I publish a fanzine in the UK called The Paperback Fanatic. 30 issues and counting. My e-mail is at the web-site Drop me a line if you would like to exchange messages as we have common interests!