Sunday, November 16, 2014

100 American Crime Writers out - already in 2012!

I hadn't earlier noticed that 100 American Crime Writers, edited by Steven Powell, is out - has been actually already from 2012! The book looks good based on the Google Books page and some blog reviews I came across (here and here, for example). I was mentioned, and still I didn't notice!

I haven't received my contributor's copies, I'll have to get in touch with someone! Wonder if this is still doable. Now if only I'd remember if I wrote something for 100 British Crime Writers - I have a nagging feeling such a book was in the making at the same time...

Here's Steven Powell's interesting crime-oriented blog Venetian Vase.


Steve Powell said...

Dear Juuri,

I'm shocked you didn't receive your contributor copy. I'll get in touch with Palgrave about that. I'm also surprised you didn't know the book had been released as I sent out emails to all contributors. Please contact me if you can so I know I have your right details. Unfortunately, despite the huge amount of work that has been put into 100 British Crime Writers by all the contributors, myself among them, I'm not sure if it will ever be released. I'm not the editor on that project and I have not heard from the editor in a long time.

Best wishes,

jurinummelin said...

These have been extremely busy times, my time spent at blogging and reading blogs, even crime oriented, has been very limited, so that probably explains things a bit. I've been lazy, too - and seems like I can't find your e-mail. I've changed it to Gmail and can't now access my old inbox, so it's probably there. Thanks, though, for your time, let me know at if there's any progress.