Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gil Brewer in Wikipedia, at long last!

Remember when I noted that Gil Brewer didn't have a Wikipedia article to his name? Now he does. (I didn't do, though I set out to do it.) It's still a stub, but it's a start.

There must be dozens or even hundreds of paperback crime and western writers who have no Wikipedia articles, someone should start making up a list of those who don't have (I just noticed the other day that Giff Cheshire doesn't have one). Maybe I should do it?


Unknown said...

You must insert Giff Cheshire in Wikipedia, absolutely! Also FRank P. Castle, Elmer M. Parsons, H.A. De Rosso and Les Savage Jr.
I wish to suggest you a beautiful western, forgotten in the States nowadays. The title is "The Ruthless Gun" by T.C. Lewellen, a one shot in the genre by this author, most famous for his works of Political Anthropology. I swear that it's a masterpiece!
Greetings from Italy,
Tiziano Agnelli

jurinummelin said...

Never heard of Elmer Parsons or T. C. Lewellen, but both sounds interesting! Thanks again for your comment, Tiziano!