Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ed Gorman

Just noticed that Ed Gorman passed away. It's a damn shame, I'm sure there were more books in him. His work as a novelist, short story writer and anthologist has been great and revered by many.

As far as I know, I'm responsible for the only two Finnish translations of Gorman's work. I published two of his short stories, both of which were excellent. The first one to come out was "Layover", a thoughtful and melancholy look at people who got tangled up in crime. It was first published in my fanzine, Isku, and then it came out in Kaikki valehtelevat/Everybody Lies, the anthology of short stories that were published in my crime fiction fanzines. Then came "Scream Queen", another melancholy story, this time about some nerdy guys working in a video store and meeting the idol of their teenage years, the actor of many slasher films. It was published as a small pamphlet, with a limited print run and with Aapo Kukko's great cover illustration.

May Ed Gorman rest in peace. I know there are many people who miss him - my condolences to them. I never met him, but would've sure liked to.


Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Juri, I loved Mr. Gorman's writing, so effortlessly simple and yet so lucid. I also enjoyed reading his insightful reviews on his blog. I will miss his presence in our blog world.

jurinummelin said...

Yes, I totally forgot to mention his blog - it was full of good stuff, nice and balanced reviews, opinionated writing, lots of information not easily obtainable anywhere else.