Sunday, February 06, 2005

Alcohol again; younger generation

I wrote earlier about hangovers. It's Sunday and I don't have to work, which is just good, since I got a bad hangover from last night. It's been a while since I've been boozing heavily. Now it feels like I will never ever booze again, but I realized that it's only because when you're having a hangover, you think you will never recover from it and if you start drinking again, your head hurts still and you still want to throw up etc. When you're having a hangover, you think it's permanent. That's why some people always say: "Never again!" I say "never say never", because I had wonderful time.

I went to a club some friends of mine were having just a block away from where we live. The DJ's played some nice tunes and there was this trio called Sir Trio that played free jazz covers. You read it right - Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman and that stuff. They were young guys, and I was explaining to someone that it's really great that the new generation (the audience and the DJ's and the band were all younger than me, maybe four to six or seven years) doesn't give a damn about the genres of the music. They play free jazz, but can also listen to the Sonics and 90's acid house and old school hip hop. It's funny actually, since my generation was quite rigid about genre borders. If you were a punk guy, you didn't listen to rockabilly or prog rock, and vice versa. Now it's all the same to them and I think that's very cool.

I was thinking about writing something about tv and movie tie-in books, since there was some discussion over at Ed Gorman's and James Reasoner's blog ( and - hey, I don't know how to make hyperlinks, could someone show me? :P ). But c'mon, man, I'm having a hangover. Who writes about tie-ins in a hangover?! But I will start from the Knight Rider novelizations. Has anyone read them? Does anyone know anything about Roger Hill who's said having written them? Does anyone read this?

Still reading Algren. I don't get to the rhythm of it. Started reading some John Ashbery, felt like I should read poetry again. Was watching earlier Bugs Bunny - great stuff! More power to him and especially Daffy Duck, my everlasting hero!

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