Thursday, February 10, 2005

Vintage clothes

As has become apparent here, Elina and I are suckers for vintage clothes. The local UFF store has been having its normal clearance sale for almost two weeks now and we've amassed quite many vintage (and also not so vintage) clothes there. Today it was the two euros day (everything went by two euros) and I rushed in there to take out the fabulous seventies overcoat* I had been looking earlier on the three euros day. It was gone! Damn damn damn! What good did it do to me that I tried to save one lousy euro when I didn't get the coat? I cursed myself and said to Elina: "You regret the clothes you don't buy, not those you buy."

Luckily I found another marvellous overcoat. The original price was 50 euros! It was dark brown fake fur and had very nice buttons on it.

* Very tight fitting, very long, brown baize, a belt, and very strange buttoning system. I thought at first it was a ladies' coat, but it turned out to be a men's coat after all (I fear it was bought by a woman who will throw it away when she sees it's a men's coat). It was designed by Rohdi Heinz, who was a German-born designer who worked in Finland in the seventies. Damn again. I've liked all the Rohdi Heinz clothes I've seen. I could almost collect Rohdi Heinz! Have to get my shit together on this matter!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Juri!
Funny enough, I did a Google on Rohdi Heinz to see if his clothes are still out there.....and they weren't. I have a coat from the 60's that belonged to a former boyfriends father, who bought it when he was a Mods fan. Yes, it's the original AND reversable - beige on one side and a darker hue on the other. As I've been moving from one continent to the other have I been thinking of tossing it away, just because I never used it. But as times goes by so have I started to like it again, and is planning on bringing it back up again to the light. It's still in great condition and really looks slick on you.
Fun to see another fan of Rohdi Heinz, wouldn't it be great if he started all over again?

Jenny said...


I had to make a comment, tho I dont know if anyone is reading this anymore..I became an happy owner of one of Rhodis coats today, and could really think that as an experience..I was standing in front of a mirror trying to decide whether to buy the coat or not, when an old (maybe 70 or sth) lady came to talk to me. She had been staring the coat for a long time and suddenly came to me and apologized. She had been an handwork teacher before and just liked to walk around flee markets to look for beautiful clothes. Then we started talking about everything and I took the coat off. She saw the label in the jacket with Rohdi Heinz -dixie coat and almost started crying. She told that she had been dancing with the man in -64 here in Turku and also had designed some of the collars to the coats! She was almost sorry for getting that emotional about it and I figured that I have no choice but to buy the coat. I was suddenly in a absurd situation having a coat with true story! I feel like that coat was really meant for me to be bought and at least Im bringing it back, thats for sure! :D

Juri said...

Hi Linda and Jenny,

nice to see comments on an old post! Yes, I've been a Rohdi Heinz fan and after seeing Jenny's post I started regretting I gave one away (it was a safari-styles men's jacket - I have now several others like that and felt like I won't need it anymore, but hey, it's Rohdi Heinz, so what was I thinking?).

I'd really like to know more about Heinz. He must've been a sort of celebrity when he was working here in Finland in the sixties, and I think one should take a good look at the magazines of the time.

I'll maybe do a separate post from these two comments later on.

(The removed comment looks kind of silly - it was exactly similar to Linda's later comment, so I thought it would be best to take out, but it seems like I've been taking away a spam comment or a comment from a stalker.)