Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Finnish entry in the Cocktail paperback series

The Cocktail series of sleaze and sex paperbacks is one of the cult items in the Finnish porn industry. It's not very much collected, but each and every one of the over 50 books in the series is real American stuff.

With one exception. Quite recently I had a talk with a veteran of the field (I mentioned him here) and he confessed having written one of the books in the series. I didn't believe him first, but all the facts fit the description. I won't give away his name, as he asked me not to, but here's the cover of the book. The Finnish title means "Group Sex".

As you can see, it was published as by Robert Evelyn who was (and maybe wasn't: there's nothing about the man himself anywhere) a real American author. The original title of the book is given as Wet Lips, but I can't find anything about a book with that title. I can find other sex paperbacks by Evelyn, though; they have such titles as Teen-Age Tramps and The Way She Moves. The books were published by Midwood, which was one of the bigger sex publishers in the field in the sixties.

The book is hilarious. What would you except? The man said he wrote it over the weekend to get the bills paid. The book was bought on time and he got enough money. It's about a private eye who investigates a mysterious school for sex. Their special course is - you guessed it - group sex. The private eye is given a blow job the minute he walks into the school building.

It sure sounds like it's fun to be a private eye!

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