Monday, October 16, 2006

Estonian Beat

Just received this e-mail from Estonia:

We (NGO Rampade Org) are glad to report that Estonian 60`s beat music (often called as garage beat or mersey beat by the 60`s music lovers nowadays) compilation "Biit Piraadid" is finally out. It took half a year to collect material from the Estonian TV and Radio archives and to put together this extra rare compilation on CD format.

The idea of making this record came from Estonian beat music researcher Vello Salumets who had written amazing and complete book about Estonian rockmusic childhood. The book is called "Rockrapsoodia" ( and it describes Estonian beat music profoundly with fascinating excitement and also, sometimes with great sense of humour. Vello Salumets himself were singing, playing bass and keyboards in widely over the country known beatband called Optimistid. Optimistid were the first proper popband in Estonia, their song "Mul on tunne" (actually the cover version of Herman`s Hermits` "You Won`t Be Leaving") broke the hearts of the young generation all over the Estonia.

The record "Biit Piraadid" is actually the first compilation of unreleased (lot of songs were even undigitalized till putting those on the record) material by NGO Rampade Org. The second volume of "Biit Piraadid" have been planned to release on december and there will be 10 live songs from the first official rock festival in Estonia. The event took place in cinema "Kosmos" on the 28-th of april in 1968 and it has been defined as the first public guitar bands appearance ever in USSR. The songs on the current record, "Biit Piraadid" were actually mostly recorded in Estonian Radio or TV studios. The focus is more on melodic "mod-pop" songs that sound unique and original, the songs also sound a bit different from western brothers` and sisters` bands at the same time.

The bands on the record are Tallinn based Mikronid, Kristallid, Virmalised, Lüürikud, Optimistid, Toonika, Andromeeda, Omega, Toomapojad, Peoleo and Credo. The record also includes songs from Tartu`s Kogudus and Rapla`s Omega, that was different band from Tallinn`s Omega. You can also listen the soundclips in internet from the record:

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