Friday, May 04, 2007

Good news etc.

I just heard that a project that seemed doomed for a while has been resurrected: I'll be writing in collaboration with two writer friends of mine a reference book on erotica and pornographical classics, with a very wide range starting from Sappho and ending up in the late seventies wanky paperbacks and the new millennium literary S&M. The book should come out next year.

I've also made arrangements for the sequel of my book that came out earlier this year, about forgotten Finnish authors. That one was about poets, this one will focus on novelists and short story writers. I tried on get some pulpsters in, but the publisher declined.

It's been hectic around here, as I've been trying to get new issues of Ruudinsavu/Gunsmoke, Pulp and Isku/Punch ready and out. I've also another new fictionmag coming, this time focusing on flash fiction. It's called Ässä (= Ace), and I've got some great stories by new talents, such as David Terrenoire and Christa Faust for this, and also some Finnish stories, but I'm lacking in original homegrown stuff. The genre must be weird to Finnish writers, even though there's been lots of science fiction flash fiction, drabbles, as they are called in SF fandom.

But must get back to work now. I'm doing an article on novelizations and slowly getting back to rewrite the YA novel I wrote with Elina.


Anonymous said...

I found some great fiction book reviews. You can also see those reviews in Fiction short story

craftylove said...

Hi Juri,

I found your blog while trying to find translations for some Finnish editions of pulp fiction novels I saw on a friends site:

The online Finnish to English dictionaries are not very helpful.

Anyway, I'm glad I stopped by...I've been reading about Russian Fantastic cinema, listening to Regina and checking out the kids' bookshelves. Great stuff!


Juri said...

Regina is the best! Glad you stopped by! The Daily Awesome blog looks very neat!

Juri said...

Sorry, I meant to translate the books you saw:

Ben Benson: Strykniiniä stadionin rotille, originally Lily in Her Coffin, Mill 1952 (one of Benson's Wade Paris novels; criminally underrated writer)

Frank Kane: Murhaaja vuokrattavana, orig. Johnny Come Lately (Dell 1963); Murhaan tarvitaan kaksi, orig. Two to Tangle (Dell 1965); both Johnny Liddell novels and probably pretty tired since they are late entries in the series

craftylove said...

Thanks Juri!