Friday, September 07, 2007

Holy cow, sis!

I heard yesterday that my kid sister found work. And what work! She's going to work with this guy! (And in England and will live with the man and his wife for free and will still get paid!) I can't believe this... I asked Essi how far up she's going to go in movie business, will she one day walk up to the Oscar stand and receive the statue for the best make-up? She said that she doesn't really know, she just can't believe her luck. Nothing in the job announcement gave out what the job really was about and that must've cut some of the wanna-bes out, which is great, since Essi can really show now to the world what's she's capable of! Way to go, sis! Hope you'll get us invited to the Oscar gala!

We are soon leaving for the cabin for the weekend. I've been pretty much swamped with work and also will be for the next week.


Unknown said...

Congratulations to your sister. Will she read my screenplay?

Juri said...

If there are enough horror masks to do.