Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Harry Etelä book out

The collection of Finnish pulp writer and lyricist Harry Etelä's horror stories is out. The Secret Chamber of Horrors/Kauhujen salakammio that I edited features seven stories from the Finnish pulp magazines Seikkailujen Maailma and Isku (The World of Adventures and Punch), from the years 1937-1940. The stories are quite rough and contain lots of erotic sadism which begs the question: how on earth did these stories get published in the thirties' Finland? They are the best (perhaps only) equivalent of the American shudder pulps written in Finland. Some of the stuff is even rougher than anything written in the wake of splatterpunk in the eighties and early nineties. The titular story is about a man who takes young boys into his chamber, roasts them over fire and eats them. Palms first. You can order the book from the publisher by sending an e-mail to
Here's the cover that's been made using one of the illustrations Harry Etelä's brother, Pentti Viherluoto, made for one of his notebooks. (Pentti was a composer and Harry wrote the lyrics.) (Earlier I forgot to mention that I'd posted my foreword here.)

Another book was also published at the same time. It's Harri Kumpulainen's aka Harri Erkki's collection of his weird and horrific science fiction stories he's been writing for fourty years now, starting in 1967 from a slick broadsheet magazine called Koti-Posti (Home-Post) and ending up in the present-day fanzines, like Portti. Pitkä jauntti/The Long Jaunt is highly recommendable if you're into this sort of thing. The both books are part of the M series that was started with Viides testamentti I edited. (The next book will be a collection Boris Hurtta's horror stories.)

Here's also a photo taken at the announcement party on Wednesday. From the left: me, Markku Soikkeli (whose book, Marsin ikävä/Mars Spleen in the M series is one of the contestants in the Helsingin Sanomat first book contest) and Tapani Maskula who wrote the afterword for the Harry Etelä book. He's a film critic, but also an aficionado of old Finnish popular music.
PS. You might notice the new layout. Pulpetti is closing in its 1000th post, so I thought I should spice up things a bit. Maybe I'll even do a link list.


Jess Nevins said...

Hi, Juri--

Did Etelä have any series characters?

SusuPetal said...

Löytyykö kirja Akateemisesta, niin kuin Viides testamentti?

Juri said...

Ei kai ihan vielä, varma en ole, mutta tulee kyllä. Myytävänä on jo Pienessä kirjapuodissa, jos Turussa liikut.

Jess, sorry, no. He has a certain doctor Roxor in one of the stories, but he's not a recurring character despite his name that suggests a series. (I've been thinking about using him myself, but more on that later... or never.) And sorry again, Jess, I haven't written you anything about the Finnish pulp characters as I've promised. Will get back to you.

Word up: Lrezipu might be an ancient god in an old pulp story.

SusuPetal said...

Miten Turun Kirjamessuilla, löytyykö sieltä?

Juri said...

Sieltä sitä saa! Kustantajalla Pelipeitolla on oma osasto jossain. En ole tarkistanut missä. Meillä on myös palaveri jossain määrin tämän tiimoilta, olisiko lauantaina Kirjakahvilan lavalla. Puhutaan genrenovellista. Keskustelijoina Hurtta, Harri Kumpulainen ja minä.

Unknown said...

I like the new look.

Jess Nevins said...


No rush! Whenever you get the time will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Sain Etelän kirjan hankittua messuilta, vielä on lukematta.
Kuvablogissani on pieni kuvakooste messuannista.