Thursday, October 11, 2007

My sneaker collection

I mentioned a while back that I've developed a fascination for old sneakers and other sports shoes. I put some on sale on (the Finnish eBay, that is) and thought I should post the pictures of the shoes here as well.

First we have a couple of nice red Adidas Superstars. A classic model, but perhaps a bit too hiphoppish to my tastes (and actually not very comfortable on foot). These are retro, perhaps from the early 2000's.

Then we have a couple of Finnish Karhu running shoes from the early eighties. Striking yellow, with the easily recognizable logo. Karhus are very fashionable now and I'm thinking of buying some retro models.

And last, but not least: a couple of Finnish football shoes from the sixties, called Jokke. They are great, but not very good to walk with (and I don't play football).

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Anonymous said...

These shoes reminded me about a story I heard somewhere. Karhu originally used a 3 stripe design in their shoes, but sold it to "another" company for a whisky bottle during Helsinki Olympics. Karhu's website seems to confirm at least part of the story, so there may be some truth in that, even I thought it was just an urban legend.