Friday, May 16, 2008

Sorry, too busy

Promised some articles about Mika Waltari. Sorry, things have been pretty hectic, will have to wait till the next week.

Check out this, however - it's an interview of Jari Teilas, who's written an extensive book on the battle of Little Bighorn. The interview is in English, the book is in Finnish. Parts of this book have been previously published in the Ruudinsavu magazine I edit. The book will be out in June and I hope it gets every bit of success it deserves!


Bob R. said...

I am very proud of Mr. Teilas and his outstanding accomplishment in writing a book about the Battle of Little Bighorn in Finnish. There are many books published in foreign languages regarding this subject, however, almost all of them are translated from the original English version, i.e. Robert Utley’s Lance and the Shield.

I also appreciate your reference to my interview with Mr. Teilas on our website for Friends of the Little Bighorn Battlefield. It has been warmly received and I think most people that read this interview are as much in awe of Mr. Teilas as I am.


Bob Reece
President, Friends of the Little Bighorn Battlefield

Juri said...

You're welcome, Mr. Reece. We are also mighty proud of Jari's work.