Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peter Rabe's masterpiece out from Stark Press

One of the books that finally convinced me that American hardboiled fiction is the best literature in the world was Peter Rabe's Anatomy of a Killer (which was translated in Finnish in the early sixties as Tappajan anatomia; you can find it (and the seventies reprint) easily from the thrift stores and such). I remember reading it for the first time when I was writing my first book, Pulpografia, in 1998-1999, and really getting hooked up on the book, from the first page. I went, why do people talk about all these boring new writers, when this is the real deal?

The reprint from Stark House Press is out now, with another Rabe novel, A Shroud for Jesso (which I haven't read, even though I have the original paperback). Here's Bruce Grossman's review on Bookgasm.

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