Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hal Ellson makes a comeback

One of the unsung paperback heroes from the fourties and fifties has made a comeback: a new small press publisher has put out a three-novel omnibus of Hal Ellson's juvie novels. Check out Bruce Grossman's enthusiastic review on Bookgasm.

PS. Hands up: am I only one who thought that Hal Ellson and Harlan Ellison were one and the same?


Anders E said...

TOMBOY is pretty good. And this reprint cover could possibly the coolest one ever:

Btw, I too have problems with Ellson vs. Ellison. At least remembering which one is which.

Juri said...

Yeah, that's bad.

I first encountered Ellson in a Finnish crime mag and thought: "Hey, there's a Harlan Ellison story in here, that's just great! They just got his name wrong!" (Which happened many times in old Finnish mags.) And then I found out that there was also a Hal Ellson.