Sunday, October 19, 2008

A new cache of books...

Just when James and Bill lamented over the fact that they can't find book caches like I do, I come home with a large plastic bag full of books... mainly old paperbacks, crime and science fiction: Spencer Dean's Murder on Delivery (Pocket 1958), Fredric Brown's The Screaming Mimi (Bantam 1958), The 11th Hour by someone called Robert B. Sinclair (Pocket 1952)... A paperback edition of Dangerous Visions, books by Ed McBain, Michael Moorcock, Poul Anderson... Lots of first editions of Nick Carter paperbacks.

Here's the explanation. My dad bought a year ago the remainders of a used book store in Tampere and I've been carrying many of the English-language books home to Turku bag by bag. The last bag - before this one, I mean - contained for example Lionel White's Hostage for a Hood (the original GM edition), Cleve Adams's Private Eye and Lionel Olay's The Dark Corners of the Night.

Who says life isn't nice? Here's hoping I'll be able to do posts at least on some of these books.


Unknown said...

You're having entirely too much fun.

August West said...

I quiver whenever I see that cover of the Gold Medal copy of "Hostage for a Hood." And a damn good story inside!