Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I ain't no slouch

I heard today that my book on Mika Waltari has come out of the printers. Will post the cover in due time.

I also dropped in by the digital printing house at the Turku university and lo and behold! they'd printed three new works for me!

One of these is the new issue of Pulp, my fanzine, for which I should finally set up a blog. This has a large article by Jukka Murtosaari on the Holland-origin paperback series for juveniles four of which were translated in Finnish in 1958-1959. Called Mikro-Sarja. Will try to remember to post covers later.

Then there is a poetry collection called Kauhajoen runot/The Poems of Kauhajoki, which refers to the Kauhajoki massacre a while back. (I realize now that I didn't get back to this theme, even though I promised so in a comment.) I posted one of the poems here in an English translation. This is a small pamphlet, of 18 pages.

The last one is also a pamphlet, a bit larger, but still only 18 pages. It's one of my mildly parodic private eye Joe Novak stories, this time called The Case of the Frozen Detective. It has Novak running away from an oil gangster whose moll he had been dancing and flirting with. Nothing memorable, I'm sure, but maybe a leisurely way to spend 30 minutes or so.

This may seem a bit weird. I'm publishing a very serious collection of poems and a intentionally stupid private eye story at the same time. But life is full of paradoxes, isn't it? But all these are for sale! Just ask!

(Sen verran piti vielä sanomani, että puhun Waltari-kirjasta BTJ:n osastolla lauantaina klo 12. Huomenna torstaina klo 12 puhun esipuheesta, jonka tein Savukeitaalle Kaarlo Uskelan runokirjan Pillastunut runohepo uusintapainokseen (tai siis kai puhumme ennen kaikkea kommunistirunoilija Uskelasta), ja perjantaina yhdessä Villen ja Vesan kanssa juttelemme Eroticasta. Se on klo 15. Kättäni saa nykiä messuilla, jos osun vastaan.)

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