Friday, March 27, 2009

Obscure Chandler

Almost forgot that it's the 50th anniversary of Raymond Chandler's death. The Rap Sheet gives you a plethora of links (and here's the rundown of Marlowes on film on the very same blog). By the way, my choice for the best Marlowe novel is Farewell My Lovely.

Pulpetti, being busy as usual, gives only a mystery to all the bibliographers round the world: what is the origin of this booklet, published in Finland in the 1940's? It's a short novelization of Double Indemnity, the film scripted by Chandler and Billy Wilder from James M. Cain's novel. Was it published first in English and if it was, when and in what country, in the US or the UK? Or was it perhaps published in Sweden first? No author credits are given in the book. I don't think it's Finnish in origin, even though no translator is mentioned.

I talk about the book more here.

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