Sunday, March 01, 2009

It's finally official

Here's the final cover of the Finnish translation of Duane Swierczynski's The Wheelman, called Keikkakuski, published by Arktinen Banaani. The book is now out and on sale everywhere where books are sold, also at the newstands. The cover illustration is by Ossi Hiekkala - it's very cool, isn't it? Both modern and retro at the same time and what's most important, it's full of action, as is the novel. Check out the bumper.

The Finnish title, "Keikkakuski", is taken from the Walter Hill flick The Driver, or actually its Finnish title, since we thought the association is a good one. I asked Duane about this and he said he hadn't seen the film. But I'm sure that when he'll see it, he'll know we were right about the title.

This also marks my first book-length translation in print. Up to this book, I've done only short stories for my fanzines. Not in print are two novels by Jason Starr (I'll see to them getting published) and 50 first pages of Russell Banks's fabulous Rule of the Bone (which I hope to finish some day).

I urge everyone who's reading this to join the Facebook group for the Arktinen Banaani's crime paperbacks. The group is in Finnish, but you can join for the purpose of support, too.
I'll be having a short Q&A with Duane here and on the FB group shortly (just as soon as he answers my questions!), so stay tuned.
The next novel in the paperback series, Allan Guthrie's Kiss Her Goodbye, under the Finnish title Viimeinen suudelma (The Last Kiss), is just going to printers and will be out in some weeks.


pattinase (abbott) said...

It looks just great, Juri. Congratulations!

David Cranmer said...

Yeah, that cover is happening.

Peter Rozovsky said...

Someone called "The Driver" one of the most sucessful evocations of Richard Stark on film, while noting that the movie ends about two-thirds of the way to where a Parker story would end.

"The Wheelman" is full of evocations of Parker, so the association is apt.
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